Managed Phone Service for Businesses

With our managed voice service, you’ll get modern telephone features without the expense and complexity of a traditional phone system.
You can replace outdated phone hardware without spending big money and cut your phone bill at the same time.

The managed phone service we offer is called Hosted PBX. A hosted PBX phone system uses your broadband internet connection to make and receive calls, similar to Voice over IP (VoIP). Hosted PBX is a robust and cost-effective phone system that’s ideal for small- to medium-sized businesses.

Training & Support
We provide training and ongoing support for your team on how to use the new phone system and will provide ongoing support as new features/updates are added, or as requested.

Why Switch to an Internet-Based Phone System?

Modern features you’ll use
Remote call routing, voicemail message in your email, hold music, and teleconferencing.

Lower cost vs. landline
Make long distance calls for less and avoid those extra charges and fees from the phone company.

Keep your phone numbers
Switching to a hosted PBX phone system doesn’t mean you lose your current phone numbers. We’ll port your numbers over during the setup.

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“We needed to get a better phone service. Eberly Systems was the one that we have decided on. They were so involved in the installation and switching over and the training that we didn’t miss a beat. We are very pleased, and I highly recommend Eberly Systems’s phone system to anyone who is looking to change their phone service.”

Sue D. | Local Machine Manufacturer

How a Hosted PBX Phone System Works

With a hosted PBX system, you make phone calls over a broadband internet connection, rather than a traditional landline. Call quality is the same and, in many cases, you’ll get more useful features for less money!

We manage your phone service from our facility and can add new lines, add new features, and update phone software remotely.

Hosted PBX is the latest business telecom technology that allows small and medium-sized businesses to have a sophisticated telephone system without the investment in expensive phone equipment.

How to Get Started

Get started with a free, no-obligation IT assessment.
We’ll determine with you what your IT needs are, and then build a custom plan with a quote.

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