Secure Servers & Data Storage

Setup and Support for Windows and Linux Servers

We can help you determine the best hardware and software options to make your operations as smooth as possible. As a registered Dell Partner, we offer competitive pricing on Dell PowerEdge Servers. We also support HP, IBM, Lenovo, and other brands.

Servers we recommend: Dell PowerEdge Tower and Dell PowerEdge Rack.


Managed Data Storage and Backups

Our Managed Backup programs utilize the top-rated backup solutions in the industry, and are professionally deployed, managed, and reviewed daily. Having these up-to-date backups make data recovery a hassle-free process.

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Cloud Data Storage
Why Move Your Data to the Cloud?

IT resources can be increased or decreased as needed according to your company’s needs.
Ease of Access
Access your data when you need it, from anywhere, on almost any device.
Disaster Relief
Offsite backup provides availability to data in the case natural disasters or other system casualties.
Reduced IT Costs
Software can be shared on the cloud, instead of purchasing several copies. Maintenance and updates can be performed at the same time, across all your computers.

How to Get Started

Get started with a free, no-obligation IT assessment.
We’ll determine with you what your IT needs are, and then build a custom plan with a quote.

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